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Kiaull Manninagh Jiu – Transcriptions of the Month

Our e-newsletter Kiaull Manninagh Jiu (Manx music today) includes a transcription every month for readers to try out - there are over 200 new and old Manx songs and tunes, often unavailable anywhere else! To find one of the transcriptions below, go to the relevant month of KMJ.

Kiaull Manninagh Jiu – Transcriptions of the Month

July 2006         –

Sep 2006         –

Oct 2006         Jemmy as Nancy (Manx trad)

Nov 2006         Hop-tu-naa Round (Manx trad adapted by Frank Woolley)

Dec 2006         Rudolf/Clinkeraght (Gaelic words only)

Jan 2007          Bollan Bane (Manx trad)

Feb 2007         Untitled tune (Manx trad from Cushag folder)

Mar 2007        Tune-y-Wheeyl Vooar (Manx trad)

April 2007       Last Night as I Lay Sleeping (Scottish trad, but mentions the Isle of Man!)

May 2007        Jerrey’n Laa (Mona Douglas Collection)

June 2007        Arrane Son Illiam Dhone (Mona Douglas Colln)

July 2007         Manx National Anthem (1 verse in Manx & English)

Aug 2007         Laa Ruggyree sonney Dhyt (Manx Gaelic words for Happy Birthday)

Sept 2007        Old Manx Tune in dorian mode (JF Gill Collection)

Oct 2007         Skeeal y Scaanjoon (Song by Harry Revill at the Bree weekend 2006)

Nov 2007        Shiaull y Cheayn (Song from the Mona Douglas collection)

Dec 2007         Yeesey Chreest (Song by Bob Carswell)

Jan 2008          The Island Minstril

Feb 2008         Peddyr Beg (Manx trad words with new tune by Breesha Maddrell)

Mar 2008        Shiaull y Cheayn (Manx trad, pucblished in Gow Ayrn)

Apr 2008         Lane dy Vree (tune by Breesha Maddrell)

May 2008        She Moghrey Laa Boaldyn (Gaelic song by Bob Carswell)

June 2008        A Manx Boat Song (Mona Douglas colln)

July 2008         St. Ninian’s Prayer (SATB song by Charles Guard)

Aug 2008         S’liack Lhiam Bine dy Yough (Tune by Greg Joughin & Sarah Hewson)

Sep 2008         The Road to Canton (Tune by Cinzia Curtis)

Oct 2008         Murran sy’ Vainney (Tune by Julie Matthews, Peddyr Cubberley & others)

Nov 2008        Time Traveller in Disguise (Song written by the Bree weekend students 2008)

Dec 2008         Traa dy Gholl dy Valley (Christmas lyrics) + Joseph as e Lorg (by Bob Carswell)

Jan 2009          Willie Clague (by WH Gill in MD Colln)

Feb 2009         Willie Clague Jig (arr. Breesha Maddrell)

Mar 2009        Mhelliah Noa (by Katie Lawrence)

April 2009       Carval ny Drogh Vraane Jig (Manx trad adapted by Breesha Maddrell & Chloe Woolley)

May 2009        Shen ta Mee (Song by Catherine Crowe - lyrics only)

June 2009        Pumpkin Reel (by Laura Payne & Anya Morgan)

July 2009         Rabogue (by Breesha Maddrell)

Aug 2009         Jellyfish Mile (by Katie Lawrence)

Sept 2009        Twymym (by Paul Rogers)

Oct 2009         Zig Zag (Adam Rhodes 2003)

Nov 2009         Untitled (tune from Cushag MS 08979 taken down from Ned Quayle, croit-y-Caley 1911)

Dec 2009         Blue Bell of Scotland (from FE Bazin’s book John Moore’s Music Book)

Jan 2010          The Breton Manx Air (by Cesar Joughin Bree Oct 2009)

Feb 2010         St Bridget’s Day Laa’l Vridey (Lyrics & music by WH Gill)

Mar 2010        Shannon’s Tune (by Rosie Shirtliff 2009)

April 2010       Flitter Dance Song (Bree song writers 2009)

May 2010        Peel Reel (by Isla Callister-Wafer, Bree 2009)

June 2010        Yn Manninagh Maynrey (Daniel Quayle, Bree 2009)

July 2010         Bomber and Biscuit (Amy-Louise Tasker, Bree 2009)

Aug 2010         Slippers (Laura Rowles)

Sep 2010         Squashed Frog (by Gilno Carswell 2005)

Oct 2010         Sheena’s Waltz (Laura Rowles)

Nov 2010         The Adventures of Bubbles & Chitty Chitty Car Horn (by Frankie Greenwood, Bree 2010)

Dec 2010         Deiney Creeney (by Bob Carswell 1986)

Jan 2011          Carval er Troailt yn Voidyn Bannee (Clague Coll)

Feb 2011         Untitled (Kitty Gawne, Bree Oct 2010)

Mar 2011        Arrane yn Chenn Chroiteyr, Cronk Meayl (George Leah)

April 2011       Flitter Jig (Revised trad Manx from sessions)

May 2011        Cow in a Bap (Beccy Hurst)

June 2011        Gorse Sticks (Philip Leighton Stowell)

July 2011         Captain Quilliam’s Hornpipe (Brian Myers)

Aug 2011         Castletown Lads (adapted by Chloe Woolley “From Castletown: the lads of Long Ago” by Alice Kelly)

Sep 2011         The Road to Canton (Cinzia Yates 2008)

Oct 2011         Shooyl ny Shee (Ealee Sheard c. 2005)

Nov 2011         Mynor (Gilno Carswell and David Kilgallon 1996)

Dec 2011         The Mother’s Carol (music by John W Gelling, Words by Cushag)

Jan 2012          Step Dance (Clague Coll) with lyrics “Jock McGraw Steps Out”

Feb 2012         Barna Beg (Breesha Maddrell 2011)

Mar 2012        Wellington Square (Matt Kelly)

April 2012       Loz’s Garden (Matt Kelly)

May 2012        Ben Rein y Voaldyn (Mona Douglas Collection)

June 2012        The Walk (Cairistiona Dougherty 2010)

July 2012         She Moves through the Fair/Keayrt dooyrt my Ghraih (translated by Colin Jerry)

Aug 2012         My Chaarjyn gow jee tastey Cair (Carval – Manx Ballads and Music)

Sep 2012         The Fisherboats of Mann (Marlene Hendy & Mychuracan 1993)

Oct 2012         Kiaulliaght Kiune (collected Mona Douglas/New lyrics by Breesha Maddrell, Bob Carswell and Aalin Clague)

Nov 2012         The Days After (Cairistiona Dougherty 2011)

Dec 2012        Hunt the Wren (Mona Melodies 1820)

Jan 2013          Spollaghyn (Matt Kelly & Bree 27/10/12) and The Ugly Turnip (Matt Kelly & Bree 27/10/12)

Feb 2013         Cronnane (Annie Kissack)

Mar 2013        Nelson’s Tonic (Peddyr Cubberley)

April 2013       The Emigrant’s Lament

May 2013        Tappaghyn Jiargey (Mona Melodies/Moore Collection)

June 2013        The Cats or Feline Fantasy (William Bradley Breed and Paul Blackmur 1915)

July 2013         The Manx Mullet (Pete Clark 2009)

Aug 2013         The Farewell Reel (Katie Lawrence 2008)

Sep 2013         Miss LF’s Favourite (Andreas Flute, transcribed by Cinzia Yates)

Oct 2013         Faagmayd nyn mannaght ec Keayn Doolish (Kiaull Vannin 99/coll from Tom Kermode, Bradda)

Nov 2013         Yn dooinney boght va reurey (by Annie Kissack, in Roie Mygeayrt)

Dec 2013         Fin as Oshin (coll from Jack Kermode by Mona Douglas)

Jan 2014          Oill er yn Ushtey (by Cinzia Yates)

Feb 2014         Phynoderee (from Christopher Shimmin’s dialect play Illiam Kodhere’s Will)

March 2014    There’s the Moddha Dhoo (by Cushag to tune, Kiark Catreeney Marroo)

April 2014       Fud ny Hoie (song by Breesha Maddrell)

May 2014        Laa Boil y Theihll (World Fiddle Day – tune by Laura Rowles)

June 2014        The Wagtail (by Caitlin Bennett)

July 2014         Knox’s Jig (by Rachel Hair)

Aug 2014         S’liack Lhiam Bine dy Yough Jig

Sep 2014         Auldyn River (by Paul Cringle)

Oct 2014         The Grackle (by Malcolm Stitt)

Nov 2014         Maughold Song (by Chris and Howard Caine)

Dec 2014         The Cruel Mistress (new version of “Yn Ven-Ainshter Dewil” by Bree song-writers 2014)

Jan 2015          The Way of the World (by David Speers) and Kiaull agus Craic (by Owen Williams, Bree 2014)

Feb 2015         The Foxdale Miner (by Stuart Slack)

March 2015    Bee dty Host duet (from the Feddan Manx whistle course, arr. Breesha Maddrell)

April 2015       Manx National Anthem (WH Gill 1907) and Mylecharaine’s March (Manx trad.)

May 2015        Arrane Cadlee (by Sharon Christian 2015)

June 2015        Yernagh Keoie (from Fiddyl) and Hunt the Wren (from Prash, arr. Frank Woolley)

July 2015         Graih Foalsey (Manx trad)

Aug 2015         Last Night as I lay Sleeping (Scottish trad, in Gow Ayrn)

Sep 2015         Ta Cashen ersooyl dys yn aarkey (Manx trad)

Oct 2015         The False Walk to Ramsey (by Rachel Hair)

Nov 2015         Falcon Cliff is the Place for Me (J.H. Wicklow and A. Wilson Seymoure)

Dec 2015         Mannin veg veen fo cloaghey t'eh follaghey & Mighty Manannan [written by Bree songwriters Nov 2015]

Jan 2016          Invocation to St Bridget  (Manx Gaelic song arr. Frank Woolley)

Feb 2016         Song (words by TE Brown, Music by Madeline Kelly)

March 2016     Mrs O'Neill's Shoe (tune by David Speers)

April 2016       Manninagh ayns Britaan Beg (tune by Mike Boulton)

May 2016        Moghrey Laa Boaldyn (Manx trad arr. Chloe Woolley) 

June 2016        The Farmer's Daughter / Lord Batemen / Twas Once I Loved a Lady Fair (photo from JF Gill Collection)

July 2016         Ushag Varrey [Manx for Seabird] (Manx Gaelic song by Bob Carswell)

Aug 2016         Arrane Cadlee (by Sharon Christian, arr for mountain dulcimer by Carol Walker)

Sep 2016          Where's Your Father? (Sophia Morrison collection)

Oct 2016           Arrane y Lhondhoo (Mona Douglas collection)

Nov 2016          O My Ghraih (Manx trad arr for string quartet by Roy L Baker)

Dec 2016           Leave your Sheep (Christmas Song by A R Archibald)

Jan 2017            Isle of Mona (Words by W Gelling, Hymn tune by William R. Rowlands) 

Feb 2017           Chips, Cheese & Gravy Hornpipe (tune by Bree weekend 2016 students, led by David Kilgallon)

March 2017       A Barrel of Herrings (tune by Tom Field)

April 2017         Bee er dthy Hooie (tune by David Speers)

May 2017          Untitled ? (song by H.P. Kelly) similar to Emigrant's Lament

June 2017          The ShennaghysWaltz (tune by Katie Lawrence)

July 2017           Bollan Bane [White Wort] (Manx trad from AW Moore & Clague/Gill Collection) 

Aug 2017           Crofton (Hymn attributed to Dr John Clague)

Sep 2017            The Good Old Way [AKA Tra va Ruggit Creest]

Oct 2017            Hop tu naa (Manx trad arr for violin duet arr. B.G.F Osborne)

Nov 2017           Beach Spring & Arrane Ben-Vlieaun (1844 hymn and Manx trad)

Dec 2017 & Jan 2018       

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - ISLE OF MAN version! (by Cairistiona Dougherty 2016)

Feb & Mar 2018  The Shennaghys Waltz (tune by Katie Lawrence with performance)

April & May 2018 Livin' on my Island (song by Stewart Watterson ca. 1972)

June 2018            At First when my True Love I Seen & Birlinn Ghorree Chrovan (Manx trad arr. David Shedden for bagpipes)

July 2018            Ellan Vannin (Song by Eliza Craven Green and music by J Townsend 1854)

Aug 2018            Spin Wheel Spin, or Snieu Wheeyl Snieu (for whistle, Manx trad)

Sep 2018             Pier of the Realm (lyrics by Sara Goodwins, to be sung to the tune of The Pride of Port-le-Murra)

Oct 2018             Oikan ayns Bethlehem - A Child in Bethlehem (Manx trad arr for SATB and recorder/flute by Kevin Kelly)

Nov 2018            Lullaby of the Virgin Mary or Cadlee ny Moidyn Moirrey (Manx trad arr for SSA choir by Frank Woolley)

Dec 2018            Arrane Cadlee (Manx trad tune with lyrics by Annie Kissack)

Jan 2019             Car ny Ferrishyn & Car Juan (Manx trad tunes from the Steady as She Goes session sets)

Feb 2019            Arrane ny Niee (Manx trad arr by Rachel Hair for harp in the Mannin Aboo suite)

March & April 2019 Baatey Yuan (song by Bob Carswell)

May 2019       Yn Billey Keirn (The Rowan Tree) or Gathering in the Barley (Manx dance tune from the Leighton Stowell collection)

June 2019       Mannin Veen (song and words by WH Gill)

July 2019        Padjer Columb Killey (Manx trad arr by Annie Kissack and adapted by solo soprano and piano by Bill Elsom)

Aug 2019        Loddy Doddle Dagh (dance tune by Greg Joughin)

Sep 2019         Fantasia on Tra va Ruggit Creest & Mish as y Keayn (Manx trad & Annie Kissack arr by Oli King for church organ) 

Oct 2019        Hop tu naa Noa (by the Bree weekend composers 2018)

Nov 2019       Ny Buitchyn - The Witches (by Cristl Stitt) and Hop tu naa (Manx trad song and dance tune)

Dec 2019       Creg Willy Syl (Manx trad arr by James Franklin for guitar TAB)

Jan 2020         Peter O'Tavy & Gyn Ennym (Manx trad tunes from the Steady as She Goes session sets)

Feb 2020        Berree Dhone (Manx trad song)

March 2020    The Hills of Ellan Vannin (song by AR Archibald)

April 2020      Dog Jigs (tune by Mai-Ying Ellis transcribed for banjo TAB)

May 2020       Kiark Katreeney Marroo (Manx trad arr by Frank Woolley for 3 or 4 pianists!)

June 2020       Churnal Jiu as Churnal Jea (Manx trad Mona Douglas collection)

July 2020        Boaldyn Competition winners: Arrane Oie Voaldyn (song by Paul Rogers) / Car Laa Boaldyney (tune by David Speers) / Yn Voostey yn Arragh (tune by Frank Joughin) / Mygeayrt yn aile Laa Boaldyn (A dance around the May Fire by Heiki Perry)

Aug 2020        Wandescope - Manks Dance (from Mona Melodies 1820)

Sep 2020         Step Dance (Manx trad arr by Mark Lawrence for guitar)

Oct 2020         Rosie’s New Pin (tune by David Speers 2020) & Ny Tree Muckyn Beggey (tune by Chloe Woolley 1991)

Nov 2020        Kiark Catreeney Marroo (Manx trad arr by James Franklin for guitar TAB)

Dec 2020        Juan y Jaggad Keeir polka & Down by the Green Bushes jig (Manx trad adapted by Beccy Hurst)

Jan 2021         Lhig y Bullad Jig (Manx trad tune adapted by David Speers, arr Chloe Woolley)

Feb 2021        Moirrey ny Cainle (Manx trad arr by Frank Woolley for guitar TAB)

March 2021    Ny Tree Muckyn Beggey (Tune by Chloe Woolley, arr by Kevin Kelly for recorder quartet)

April 2021      Birlinn Ghorree Chrovan (Hebridean trad with Manx words by D. Fargher, B. Stowell & G. Broderick)

May 2021       Yn Daunse jeh ny Blaaghyn Bwee (dance tune adapted by Grainne Joughin) & May 4.7s. [Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star] (hymn tune by WC Southward)

June 2021        Laa Chrosh Cuirn (tune by Rowan Hogg 2020)

July 2021         Y Folliaght (choral piece by Aalin Clague 2020)

Aug 2021         Mylecharaine (song in Manx Ballads and Music 1896)

Sep 2021         Y Folliaght (choral piece by Aalin Clague 2020) with music video

Oct 2021         The Seasons (SATB song with words & Music by WG Southward)

Nov 2021         Car my Chaarjyn (tune by Sharon Christian which accompanies MFDS dance, Harriers in the Heather)

Dec 2021         She bosun dy row ayns Dover s’thie (It was a boatswain whose house was at Dover) - Manx trad. used for dance, Cummaghyn

Jan 2022          Manx Folk Songs & Dance recorder quartets (Manx trad. arranged by Kevin Kelly 2021)

Feb 2022         The Good Old Jig (David Kilgallon & Bree composition students 2021)

March 2022     Mooragh Park a tune for Rinkaghyn (tune by Thomas Green ca. 2000)

April 2022       Aalid yn Arree (tune by Isla Callister 2020)

May 2022        Arrane Oie Voaldyn (song by Paul Rogers)

June 2022        William and Mary & Moghrey mie as Maynrys (Manx trad dance tunes)

July 2022         The Fairy Bridge (by Leslie Sarony arr. George Tootell

Aug 2022         Arrane y Chlean (Manx trad. ed. Deb Collins)

Sep 2022          My Dear Miss Morrison & Y Laair Aym (by Isla Callister as part of Creeaght 2022)

Oct 2022          The Lord's Farewell (by David Speers 2022)

Nov 2022         Car ny Rankee (Breton & Manx)

Dec 2022          Bee-shiu er nyn dwoaie! (by the Bree composers led by Paul Rogers)

Jan 2023           Arrane Oie Vie (Manx trad)

Feb 2023           Air "My Graih Nagh Nare Doin Farraghten" (from Mona Melodies 1820)

March 2023       Take a Match to a Gorse Bush (by Beccy Hurst 2020)

April 2023          Ushag veg Ruy (double jig with new B tune by David Speers)

May 2023           Arrane Oie Voaldyn (song by Paul Rogers 2020)

June 2023          Girls of Balladoole (3/2 and slipjigs versions by Isla Callister)

July & Aug 2023 Fenoderee (by Aalin Clague)

Sep 2023            Isle of Mona

Oct 2023             Quoi shid hoal er kione y choyrd aym? (Scottish trad, translated into Manx by Bob Carswell)

Nov 2023            Hop tu naa slip jig (by Ben Walker 2023)

Dec 2023 & Jan 2024 Song of the Fishermen (from The Star of India: music by Marilyn Cannell & lyrics by Heather Ruffino)

Feb 2024            Roll Away (song by Davy Knowles, arranged for junior choir by Katie Lawrence)

March 2024        Invocation to St Bridget (Manx trad, with additional verses by Greg Joughin & Julie Matthews)

April 2024           Mooir Lheinney - Flowing Tide (new tune by Ealish Ayres 2024)

May 2024           Heroes of the Sea (new song about the RNLI by Adele Parsons & Scoill Phurt le Moirrey)

June 2024          Arrane Queeyl Nieuee (Spinning Wheel Song)

July 2024           Chanter's Tune