manx celtic music and dance


The Manx Music Development Officer can advise on locating suitable musical material for any project, and on request, will arrange to record the spoken pronunciation of Gaelic song lyrics.



Kiaull Manninagh - secondary schools

In collaboration with the secondary school music departments, a course and resource pack about Manx music was designed by Dr Chloe Woolley [MMDO] for use at Key Stage 3. ‘Kiaull Manninagh’ [Manx Music] features the various genres of Manx music past and present, introduces the instruments now associated with traditional music, contains compositional exercises in the Manx idiom in line with the national curriculum and comes with a double CD of listening examples. More resources are currently being designed to complement the scheme of work.

Gow Ayrn – book & CD resource for primary schools

Gow Ayrn [Join In] is a book and CD pack which can help incorporate Manx songs and music into various elements of the national curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. Designed by Dr Chloe Woolley to be accessible by music co-coordinators and non-musicians alike, this resource presents Manx songs, music, dance, traditions and Gaelic language in a format that can be linked to other elements of the Manx curriculum (such as History, Geography and Religious Education), and provide inspiration for extra-curricular activity throughout the school year, such as school shows and choir performances. The CD contains demonstrations of the songs and music to accompany the dances. This pack can be purchased from Culture Vannin on request. Online version.

Mheillea & Hop tu naa

Workshops are offered to the Isle of Man schools on the music and dance customs associated with the Mheillea (harvest) and Hop tu naa. The Hop tu naa activity pack celebrates the ancient Manx custom associated with the 31st October, and presents the history, songs, music, dance, puzzles and recipes in a format suitable for primary schools. The accompanying soundtrack provides a demonstration of the songs, music to accompany the processional dance and an account of the infamous Jinny the Witch story as told by a local historian. Isle of Man teachers and community groups can download the pack here

There is also a Mheillea/Hop tu naa Toolkit teaching resource

Feddan - whistle course

The 6 week course called Feddan (Manx for whistle) is part of the IOM Music Service’s Primary Music Initiative and gives the opportunity for each child to have a go at playing an instrument. The lessons are run by Dr Chloë Woolley with a specially designed scheme of work, and activities include playing and singing simple Manx tunes Bee dty Host and The Cormorant, playing in harmony as duets and as part of an ensemble, playing to an accompaniment and learning important musical terms. It is hoped that some of the budding musicians (and their class teachers) will continue to play the whistle afterwards, perform for the rest of the school and take a further interest in Manx culture in the future. There is also a special Manx Folk Awards 'Feddan' competition for whole school classes to take part in.

Feddan student book

Feddan Scheme of Work for teachers [6 lesson plan]

Feddan Backing Tracks

Feddan 2 tunes

Once the course is completed, there are some extras tunes in Feddan 2 - midi soundfiles can be downloaded here.

Feddan Mooar

Feddan Mooar is an introduction to Manx music for the flute and was designed for students who are learning to play the flute with the DEC Music Service. With traditional and original Manx tunes for solo, duet and groups, the book was compiled and arranged with piano accompaniments by Dr Breesha Maddrell for Culture Vannin [2014]. The tunes are graded from beginner, through red and blue badges and up to Grade 3 and it contains pieces which may be played in the IOM Music Service exams. For more info contact the Manx Music Development Officer.


Fiddyl is an introduction to Manx music for the fiddle by Dr Laura Rowles for Culture Vannin. Fiddyl has been designed to teach both individual and group lessons with duets and arrangements graded from beginner to Grade 3. It can be purchased here or downloaded for free

Fiddyl Vooar - a version for the viola - free download here

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Prash is a series of Manx music books designed for use by the Isle of Man music service's young brass students. With piano arrangements by Frank Woolley, Prash was compiled and edited by Chloe Woolley and Paul Hamilton. Find out more here.



Gitar [Manx for Guitar] is a collection of 10 Manx tunes suitable for beginner guitarists with music notation and TAB.


Coraa [Gaelic: voices] is a book/CD pack of Manx choral pieces suitable for secondary school (and adult) choirs. The book comes with a CD demonstrating the songs and Gaelic pronunciation. Buy the pack or listen to the songs. 

Coraa Aeg

For younger choirs, there is an ever-growing online resource of Manx songs - free to download


Manx tunes arranged for fingerstyle guitarists of all ages, with video tutorials demonstrated by Pete Lumb. Downloadable sheet music/TAB.

Ree ny Marrey

Dr Fenella Bazin's Manx song book for voice and piano (published by Culture Vannin) is popular in schools. It is available to buy in local bookshops and from Culture Vannin

Here is a pronunciation guide and piano accompaniment backing tracks. 

Cloie! Play!

This Instant Folk Group resource has downloadable sheet music for several Manx melodies, with parts for various abilities and ideas for performance. Most arrangements are by Dr Chloe Woolley, Manx Music Development Officer for Culture Vannin, and are used by the youth movement, Bree. Bree also have their own 'mix & match' Session Tune Book which is available to buy here.

Manx Folk Awards

Each year, the Department of Education and Children in conjunction with Culture Vannin and Manx National Heritage organise competitions in Manx music, dance, recitation and language for children. With classes for KS1 & Foundation up to KS5, the 4 days of friendly competitions bring together schools from all over the Island more info.


There is a selection of dance instructions on these video tutorials.


The Manx Music Development Officer can offer general Manx music demonstrations or workshops to varying year groups, but with prior notice, can tailor sessions to the needs of the individual school or youth group. Previous workshops have included:

  • Christmas themed music, dance and customs
  • beginners’ whistle class
  • Manx music and national identity
  • instrumental techniques for folk groups
  • A-level and BA lecture on Manx music
  • Manx history curriculum modules
    e.g. famous people in Manx music and Manx music and fairy tales

Workshops are also available for extracurricular youth activities such as drama groups, holiday music clubs and children’s festivals. Workshops are free of charge.


Culture Vannin organise monthly harp lessons with a visiting tutor. These subsidised lessons are open to students in full-time school education and lesson costs are in line with the IOM Music Service rates. Culture Vannin own a limited number of harps which can be hired by students, when available. There is a waiting list for students - please contact us to add your name and details. The Manx harp music book Claasagh by Rachel Hair is used in the lessons.

Educational concerts

Culture Vannin have supported and organised several educational concerts/workshops for schools, including a tour of Isle of Man secondary schools with King Chiaullee (2010) and Barrule (2013). Barrule also led workshops at universities in Scotland, Ireland and England that provide traditional music courses.

Yn Chruinnaght Outreach Tour

In the past, Yn Chruinnaght have organised an educational precursor to the main inter-Celtic festival in July by inviting a student group to perform in the Island’s schools and lead technique workshops for young Manx musicians. The week-long tour celebrates the relationship between Manx traditional music, dance and language, and that of its neighbouring countries. In 2012, schools concerts with Barrule, Erika Kelly, Grainne Joughin and David Kilgallon were organised in the Gaiety Theatre.

Past visits have included traditional music groups from Limerick World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Newcastle, University of York, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dance and Dundalk Institute of Technology. The tour was funded by the Department of Education and organised by the Manx Music Development Team. Yn Chruinnaght also takes visiting performers into schools during the main festival. For further details on previous outreach tours, see