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RESEARCH ARTICLE The Isle of Man Festival of Britain Pageants 1951

Mon, 25 Sep 2017

The Isle of Man Festival of Britain Pageants 1951

by Maurice Powell, Isle of Man 2017

The national exhibition and fair known as the Festival of Britain, took place in the summer of 1951 on London’s South Bank. Whilst the Skylon, the iconic symbol of the Festival, together with the Dome of Discovery and the Festival Pleasure Gardens at Battersea provided the most enduring images of the exhibition, a glittering London Arts Season, the opening of the Royal Festival Hall and smaller events and festivals all over the country collectively lit ‘a beacon for change’, and provided a welcome showcase for British science and technology, as well as an antidote to post-war gloom and austerity. But on the Isle of Man, it very nearly didn’t happen at all.