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Crofton played for Laa Launys

Wed, 09 Aug 2017

Laa Luanys offers a Manx tradition stretching back to Celtic times on the Isle of Man.

At the start of August, Manx people would climb the hills of the Isle of Man in an act of homage and tradition which lasted for centuries and bridged great breaks in belief and religion. Starting as a Celtic act of faith for the god, Lug, the practice of ascending places such as Snaefell and South Barrule was transferred into the Christian tradition in the 18th Century. The practice of holding an act of devotion on the hill-tops continued into modern times, most famously through a service held in Manx Gaelic on South Barrule and led by the great Tom Taggart on his 'fiddle' (actually a cello). Regardless of the particular reason why you might climb a hill on the Isle of Man at the start of August, you will be continuing an ancient Manx tradition if you do so...

In this mini film by Culture Vannin, cellist Josephine Evans and singer/guitarist Matt Creer perform Dr John Clague’s “Crofton”, which, according to Mona Douglas, was Tom Taggart’s favourite hymn melody.

Mona’s article about Tom Taggart, Crofton & the trip up South Barrule was featured in this past KMJ