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North American Manx Association 2024 nominations invited

16 Apr 2024

last year's winners
last year's winners

The North American Manx Association is once again, this academic year, presenting awards for outstanding achievement by young people under the age of 18 years on the Isle of Man along with two additional awards for older recipients.

The awards are arranged in five categories and for each category a silver medal has been minted for presentation to suitable candidates. You are invited to submit recommendations, and full details of criteria can be found in the accompanying  nomination form. To aid judges in their decision, please complete this as fully as possible.

Nominations should reach Frances Cowin by Friday, 10th May 2024.


Category 1

Outstanding achievement in Manx music and/or dance

Category 2a

Key Stage 3 - 5; Outstanding achievement in Manx Language to be chosen by Yn Skimmee Gaelgagh (not open for public nomination)

This award recognises academic achievement in the language with a view to supporting university applications

Category 2b

Key Stage 1 & 2;  Award for commitment to Manx Language to be chosen alternative years by Yn Skimmee Gaelgagh and Bunscoill Ghaelgagh (not open for public nomination)

2024 nomination: Yn Skimmee Gaelgagh.

Category 3

Outstanding achievement in Arts and Crafts which portray any aspect of Manx life or Culture (this includes painting/drawing, sculpture, needlecraft/textiles, craft, story, poem)

Category 4a

Outstanding contribution to Manx Culture by a student under 18

Category 4b

Outstanding contribution to Manx Culture by a student over 18

Category 4c

Outstanding contribution to Manx Culture by a group of young people under 25

Category 5

Manx Community Award: To be made to young people who have made an outstanding contribution to the Manx Community in general, either by their work for voluntary organisations or by their involvement with, and assistance to, people or groups of people who need special help.



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