manx celtic music and dance

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20 Manx String Quartets - free to download

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1. Yn Speiy er my Gheaylin – The Mattock on my Shoulder LISTEN
2. V’ad Traaue yn Keayn – They were Ploughing the Wave/Sea LISTEN
3. Yn Chenn Dolphin – The Old Dolphin LISTEN
4. Roie Ben Yuan Tammy – Run, John Tammy’s Wife LISTEN
5. Jemmy as Nancy 2 – Jimmy & Nancy (2nd variant) LISTEN
6. Jemmy as Nancy 3 – Jimmy & Nancy (3rd variant) LISTEN
7. I stepped up towards her LISTEN
8. Insh dou cre t’ad Surranse er y Cheayn – Tell me what they suffer at Sea LISTEN
9. O My Ghraih – O my Love LISTEN
10. Kiark Catriney Marroo – Katherine’s Hen is Dead LISTEN
11. My Ghraih t’ee gollrish y Ghrian – My Love is like the Sun LISTEN
12. The Rose upon the Brier LISTEN
13. The Bonny Bunch of Roses LISTEN
14. Yn Bollan Bane 1 – The White Wort (1st variant) LISTEN
15. Yn Bollan Bane 2 – The White Wort (2nd variant) LISTEN
16. Fairy Music ‘Quodlibet’ - The Wandescope 1 LISTEN
17. Yn Unnysup 1 (*The Unnysup or Wandescope is the payment given to a fiddler for performing at burials, wakes, weddings, etc., or to the quaaltagh/first footer, or performers of the White Boys, Hunt the Wren, Hop tu naa, etc.) LISTEN
18. Yn Unnysup 2 LISTEN
19. George Riley LISTEN
20. The Fathaby Jig LISTEN
Kiaull yn Theay 2 (1979) was the second book of Manx traditional songs and tunes published by Colin Jerry. It contains melodies from the Clague/Gill Collection of the 1890s and the Mona Douglas Collection (early 20th Century).
Commissioned by Culture Vannin 2016. Download for royalty free for non-commercial live performances. 
For all other uses, please enquire.

Violin/viola teacher and composer Roy L Baker has also produced A Little Suite of Manx Tunes for String Quartet.