manx celtic music and dance

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Mannin Aboo! is a short suite of Manx traditional tunes was arranged for harp ensemble by Scottish harpist, and Culture Vannin's monthly Isle of Man harp teacher Rachel Hair.


It was premiered at the 2018 Edinburgh International Harp Festival where over 100 harp players gathered and performed it along with the Manx Harp Ensemble “Claasagh”.   


Each piece has 3 levels, with each download containing all the music for each level.


Rachel arranged the pieces to be easily accessible by all levels of players, with a focus on the enjoyment of playing the tunes in a mass harp ensemble and to have them still playable as stand alone pieces.


Arrane ny Niee sheet music – Traditional, arr. Rachel Hair

Auldyn River -  Composed by Paul Cringle, arr. Rachel Hair

Flitter Dance - Traditional, arr. Rachel Hair

Hop-tu-Naa - Traditional, arr. Rachel Hair

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