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Thu, 04 Oct 2018

Start penning your original song now!
The International Pan Celtic Festival will take place in Letterkenny 23 - 28 April 2019, but before that, an original song in Manx Gaelic will be chosen to represent the Isle of Man. This heat will take place on Saturday 12th January, 7.30pm in Peel Masonic Hall, so start penning a new ditty or translate your original song now.
• Your song can be rock, pop, folk, traditional - any type, as long as it’s in Manx!
• Both lyrics and tune must be new and original, and not performed previously in a public competition
• Live group performance can include up to 6 people with no pre-recorded music or effects
• The adjudication is based on:
30 marks – lyrics (English translation or transliteration required)
30 marks – music
40 marks – performance (which doesn’t need to include the composer)
Judges will also be looking for good Manx pronunciation and phrasing in the performance.
Translation and pronunciation help is available, so don’t be afraid of singing in Manx for the first time!
Contact Manx delegate, Fiona McArdle, for more info and entry form: fmcardle@manx.net 
Deadline for entries: 7th December 2018
Deadline for song lyrics in Manx, English translation & music: 28th Dec 2018.

Pictured: last year’s winners, Biskee Brisht, with adjudicator, David Kilgallon