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Manx Ballads and Music 1896 - biography of AW Moore and working guides to the publication

The Clague Collection 1890s - biography of Dr J Clague and manuscript collection

Manx National Songs 1896 and the Gill Collectionbiography of WH Gill and manuscript collection

ARRANEYN BEEAL-ARRISH VANNIN Manx Traditional Songs sung in Manx Gaelic by Brian Stowell (LP 1973 CD 2010) Sleevenotes updated by George Broderick 2017
The Revival of Manx Traditional Music: from the 1970s to the present day - PhD thesis by Chloe Woolley (University of Edinburgh 2003)
'The Dirk Dance of the Kings of Man': genuine tradition or cultural invention? Article by George Broderick
MANX TRADITIONAL SONGS AND SONG-FRAGMENTS I FROM A CLAGUE NOTEBOOK Article by George Broderick - Béalodieas 48-49 (1980-81): 9-29 (Geo. Fred. Clucas Coll. MNHL MS 263A)
MONA DOUGLAS AND HER SONGS Article by George Broderick
Manx Traditional Songs and Song-Fragments III: MNH MD 900 MS. 08307 Article by George Broderick, Universität Mannheim
Manx traditional songs, rhymes and chants in the repertoire of the last native Manx speakers IV by George Broderick, Universität Mannheim
The Clague Collection (MNHL MSS 448A [1-3], 449B): A Catalogue of Song and Tune Titles V by George Broderick, Universität Mannheim (MNHL MS 14392)
Manx traditional songs and song-fragments from the collections of Sophia Morrison and Josephine Kermode ca. 1904-1909 by George Broderick, Universität Mannheim
Manx Notes: Folkways and Language articles by Stephen Miller
​Leighton Stowell - various articles by Stephen Miller
Peeps into the Past  By Syd Boulton Music, Customs and Entertainment in the Isle of Man from the Ramsey Courier and The Courier between 1956 – 1971
The Flitter Dance - History & Collection by Stephen Miller 2018
Manx traditional songs and song-fragments in the end-phase of Manx Gaelic: From the Clague Music Collection
AG Gilchrist's annotated copy of Manx Ballads and Music [interim version] by Stephen Miller
Manx Traditional Ballads - the Broadside Connections Revealed by David Speers. First published in Bealoideas 84 (2016)
The historical References to Manx Traditional Music, Song and Dance: A reappraisal and a Chronology 
by David Speers. First published in Béaloideas, Iml. 64/65 (1996/1997), pp. 225-277
HOP-DY-NAA Fragments collected by Prof. John Rhys, University of Oxford, in 1890 during his visits to the Isle of Man 1886-1893. By George Broderick.
Manx National Heritage Library resource sheet